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New term underway

So I’ve begun the final term of my final year! Exams were tough, and the experience of doing them really underlined how important it is to keep up a constant and disciplined workflow in second year; as soon as the

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Second term at University is always regrettably a stressful one due to the dreaded examination period. Exam season is the not the kind of season where leaves fall off trees or flowers begin to bloom. Exam season is the type

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Two units (and a dissertation) until graduation

I have quite a lot of things to do until I take my final ever university exams at the end of May/ beginning of June. The big thing is keeping up with my dissertation, as I think last term I

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New term

Exams are finished and surprisingly weren’t even that terrible. In fact I may even go so far as to say that they were borderline enjoyable; although I doubt any other subject would agree it just so happens that English students

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Looking forward …

With exams finally over, I’m looking forward to starting my new units for this term: I’ll be studying women in Greek tragedy in one unit, and the Roman philosopher Lucretius and his effects on later philosophical thinkers in the other.

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Work Smart and Stay Ahead

I’m beginning to understand the concept of working smart rather than working hard and so approaching the start of Teaching Block 2, I have two resolutions. The first is to stay ahead of the reading schedule, particularly for the Ancient

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