Spring is here!

Bristol is a beautiful city, particularly in the sunshine, so spring is one of my favourite times of the year! It’s lovely to be able to sit in the sun, or grab a drink at a pub with friends, after lectures finish for the day. Although I am going home for the Easter break, I will be coming back to Bristol for a life drawing and late bar session at the antique shop Rag & Bone, which has been organized by a friend whose been interning there as part of the UoB Internship Scheme. There are always so many interesting and fun events going on in the city.

I have a 5000-word essay to write over the holidays, which will probably be taking up a lot of my time! It is the longest essay I have had to write so far, and has required a lot of research, but will be good practice for the 9000 words I will have to write next year for my dissertation. Although there is still a fairly long way to go until second year ends, it is time to select my unit choices for third year. I feel particularly enthusiastic about the units which explore American Art and Identity, and Art in Russia and the Soviet Union.

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