Two units (and a dissertation) until graduation

I have quite a lot of things to do until I take my final ever university exams at the end of May/ beginning of June. The big thing is keeping up with my dissertation, as I think last term I prioritised it less than I should have done. This term I am trying much harder to make time to work on it and am, luckily, still enjoying even though my progress is very slow.

I’m still waiting on the results of my January exams which will be released in just over a week, and I have no idea how I have done despite have come back to Uni almost a week before term started in order to revise. I am also continuing with a PR internship for one day a week, after having a break from it for exams and Christmas.

I am genuinely excited that I am doing a unit on Neoplatonism this Teaching Block as it is something which has greatly influenced Christianity, Judaism, and Islam but that I do not know much about. I am also studying the Premodern and Medieval attitudes to sex, marriage, and deviance, something that so far has proved less clear cut than I had previously imagined. Also this term I, perhaps ill-advisedly, offered to deliver a paper on my dissertation topic at a conference which will take place in March this year. It is something I have never done before, so I am understandably nervous, but it will be pretty cool to leave Uni having done something that many people will not get the opportunity to do.

– Katherine


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