New term underway

So I’ve begun the final term of my final year! Exams were tough, and the experience of doing them really underlined how important it is to keep up a constant and disciplined workflow in second year; as soon as the second essay of the term is in, revision for exams should start in earnest, or they can creep up on you after the New Year. With all this talk of work however, one could be mistaken for thinking that that’s all there life in third year comes to, but its become more clear than ever that work must be balanced with other activities to keep stress at bay. A way my flat has found of doing that is having friends round for dinner. When you don’t feel like you have time to go out for a drink or go out in general, this appeared the perfect way to save time and money but still get to hang out with people who otherwise we might not get to see as often otherwise. An unexpected upside to this more relaxed approach to socialising is that it emphasizes better conversations precipitated by all the comforts of home, and so in the end, deeper and more lasting friendships I feel. My new modules are on Art and Internationalism and on Approaches to Cubism, both extremely challenging units, but as class sizes are even smaller and topics more specialised to the individual tutors taking the classes, they have proven to induce more active participation from all the students involved rather than the more passive role that one usually takes in a large group.

– Milo


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