Second term at University is always regrettably a stressful one due to the dreaded examination period. Exam season is the not the kind of season where leaves fall off trees or flowers begin to bloom. Exam season is the type of season where the library becomes your second home, the temptation to just “pull an all-nighter” is strong and procrastination becomes an art form. According to Nietzsche there are no facts, only interpretations. How I wish this was true in the case of History. Unfortunately the Sack of Jerusalem in 1099, only happened in 1099, and that fact is not open to interpretation. Therefore when it comes to exams extensive revision is required to learn useful facts and question preparation crucial.

Most of my revision was spent in the newly refurbished Union building that provided free tea and coffee for students. Consequently my caffeine levels during the exam period were dangerously high. Luckily I only had two examinations this January, one in Medieval English Lifestyles and the other in Christianity and Islam in Europe. Both question papers were challenging and I’m sure all my answers included a certain amount of waffle. However all in all, I believe they went well.

In parallel to my studies I was also part of a play in early February called ‘The Effect’ which examined the themes of love, depression and medical ethics all within the framework of a drug trial. It was a challenging role but one that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. However rehearsing during exam period is something I may think twice about before doing again. This term I have also been a part of an undergraduate recruitment film for the history department. This involved me being placed in front of a camera and answering questions such as “why did you want to study history?” and “where is your favourite place in Bristol?” It was a fun experience which allowed me an insight into how the University seeks to attract new students. This coming term I am studying Ancient and Modern Paganism in Britain led by Professor Ronald Hutton which is already proving to be fascinating. I am thoroughly looking forward to all the challenges this term has to hold.

– Luke


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