The Big Chill and BVDA

Term is busy as ever and as well as work I’m currently fundraising for Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad which is a charity set up by a Bristol student who had a passion for international sustainable development that myself and the other volunteers share. There are six projects in total going out to three less fortunate countries in this coming summer holiday – Uganda, Malawi and Nepal. My project is based in the Ilam district of Nepal and will consist of a six week long grass roots project done in conjunction with the local NGO psdnepal in which my team of six students will both build a women’s cooperation and also teach in the local school. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great cause and I have been so impressed with the amount of hard work that our student trainers and other members of the committee have dedicated to making a tangible difference to the social and economic situation of the people we are working with and to make sure we are as prepared as possible for when we fly out.

In totally unrelated news I found a real gem of a bar last week. Well I say found; a geoscientist I’m living with introduced me to it actually. It’s called The Big Chill and it’s tucked away just off the bottom of Park Street. If you’ve ever been in the area you may have heard sounds of sultry soul or upbeat jazz swing through the evening air every Tuesday from just around the corner. That’s our very own Jazz Funk & Soul club who jam there every week for a few hours before a guest band takes over later on in the night. It’s safe to say that it has now become my favourite night out in Bristol and I don’t need any excuse to race down after dinner to see everyone hanging out and swapping in and out of the improvisation. The atmosphere is infectious and my friends and I can’t help but dance to Chic, Change, MJ and Miles Davis as well as some really impressive original pieces.

– Grace


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