How my final year compares to previous years

For History of Art this term, I am taking ‘American Art and Identity’ and ‘Art in Russia and the Soviet Union’. Individually I’m finding them both very interesting. But they also complement each other very well, as I’m learning about the cultural development of two countries during the same period of history – countries which came to harbour such heavily conflicting ideologies during the Cold War. This is giving me a nicely well rounded view of 20th-century art.

Throughout the first and second year, I’d often be warned by third years about the step up in work and focus that is required. They weren’t lying! As I settle in mid-way through the first term of my final year, I’ve noticed I’ve had to become much more organised and disciplined to keep up. On the upside, I’m enjoying university more than ever as I feel I really know my subject now, as well as the friends I’ve made since being here. As a result, socializing has become more relaxed – less de rigueur simply for the sake of maintaining ties with people – and so has work, as the realisation of self-discipline as a survival requirement means I’m less stressed.

Third year brings new pleasures along with new challenges, and as long as one is willing to put in the effort to stay on top of things, it’s nothing to fear.

– Milo


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  1. Erik says:

    Hi Milo,

    I’m interested in studying Art History but I’ve heard from others that you have to do a lot of presentations. This is a big weakness of mine as English is not my first language. Nervousness is also a big problem and I don’t want to fail because of it.

    What is your experience on this?


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