All change for my second year

After moving in to my new house in July, I looked forward to a couple of months break before my second year at Bristol began. First thing to do was to get to know my new surroundings. I hadn’t moved far from my halls, but I was in a different area of Clifton, meaning new ways around town and all.  I found new ways to uni, new ways to the city centre (which included a beautiful walk through the harbourside) and even to bigger supermarkets just south of the river.

I didn’t just walk about, though. I did some travelling, going to the Isle of Wight for the first time, which was incredibly easy from Temple Meads; I went to the East Coast, again by train; and visited some family up in Cheltenham.

Soon enough, however, university called, and back to waking up at 7:30 I went. Second year has treated me well – my course is opening up really nicely, and I’m looking at some interesting weeks ahead discussing Elegy, which is my special subject this term (and which also means I get to read my favourite ever, Tennyson). Everything seems to working together very well indeed.

I’ve gotten more involved in the drama societies this term, and with two plays being performed before the end of term, nerves are running high (for all I know I could be awful) – but, I’m excited also. We will just have to see!

– Jon


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