Reflecting on my third year so far

Last week was reading week, which means that I have no lectures or seminars and, therefore, I have time to reflect on the term so far.

Undoubtedly, I have been far busier than I was in the first and second year as I have had to juggle my dissertation, my weekly reading and my essay. On top of this, I am currently applying for PGCE courses which are also taking up quite a lot of time. However, I submitted my first essay of the year this week which was a huge relief! Although, I did enjoy writing it as the subject, (whether the NHS was the product of conflict or consensus) is one which I am really interested in.

Indeed, I am definitely enjoying the modules that I have opted to study this year. The first looks at modern medicine in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which I have been fascinated by since I studied it for GCSE. My other module is on the development of the modern mass media, which is particularly interesting as I based both my first and second year projects around newspaper sources. However, the aspect that I am finding the hardest this year is definitely the dissertation as it is a very independent piece of work, but I also feel that the first year Special Topic Project and the second year Special Field Project prepared me well for this.

My dissertation explores how the 1988 Education Act changed the way that history was taught in the classroom and also the reactions towards these changes. I am going to the archives in London this weekend to do some research for this. On a lighter note, it was Halloween a few Fridays ago, which is an event not to be missed in Bristol. It was definitely good to forget about my essay for a few hours, dress up and have fun!

– Rosanna


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