Progress in the first year

So first year is underway and we’re already one essay in with another due next week. Hopefully a lot of you achieved the grade you wanted, but if felt you could have done a bit better (like me), there’s no need to worry – I hope! We have three years to improve our grades, and remember what the lecturers told us at our welcome introductory lecture: first year is for us to experiment with our essays. Our group projects are also due in soon, however with the focus on essays it sounds like a lot of us are only just starting to meet up in order to collaborate our ideas. I’ve also found that a lot of the books we need for our project in the library have already been taken out – a reminder to take out the books I need, as soon as I know that I need them! Alongside this, applications to study abroad in our second year are also due in, and I’m working really hard to perfect my application as I think a few months abroad in Australia would definitely be an exciting change! In this first term I’ve definitely scoped out my favourite study place, I’m in Beacon House most days as there always seems to be space and there’s even ports to charge your phone and iPod downstairs! Other than that, I’ve become a huge fan of Boston tea party, especially before lectures when I go and get Breakfast and sit upstairs to work on seminar work.

Since beginning this year I’ve joined many new societies, including Fencing, Kayaking, the Welsh society and the History society (obviously!) I’ll admit it’s been extremely difficult balancing my time between my course and societies but they really are a great way to get out there and make friends with people who aren’t on your course, especially if like me – you don’t live in halls. Fencing is really fun and the Score social for Halloween was incredible, although the queue for Prysm was insane as every sports club in the University was invited. I’m also planning on going to the beginners Kayaking trip in December which I’ll definitely find daunting, going away with an entirely new group of people, but I think it’s important to remember that everyone else who’s new is in the same boat as you are and are looking to make new friends and try new things just like you.

I’ve also managed to get a job waitressing in Pie Minister at the bottom of Park Street with a manager who completely understands my needs as a student to have time off during exam periods and to not work too much each week which I would really stress as important if you’re looking to get a job whilst you’re in Bristol. Other than that though, if your timetable allows and you feel like you can balance the workload, I would completely recommend getting a job. I have already made friends outside of University which is great when you want to explore the city past the ‘Clifton Bubble’ as I call it! And if you get a job waitressing, tips are a great way to keep you going and preventing you from dipping into your student loan too much!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas in Bristol and can’t wait for the German Market to go up in Broadmead. It’s a great night out with a group of friends and the amaretto hot chocolate really does taste amazing. The food is also incredible too and the shops are great for buying mums presents (the usual candles and nice smelling things). I would definitely recommend visiting it before you go home for Christmas this year!

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