‘Down it fresher’

‘Down it fresher’ – the three famous words deeply embedded into the minds of us first years, thanks to sports socials and general exploration of Bristol’s vibrant nightlife. Not only have these past six weeks been exciting and eye-opening, but the fact that I have failed to have a dull moment since moving in in September leaves me without a doubt that choosing to read History at Bristol has been the best decision I have ever made.

This works in parallel with the academic work. Agreeably, there is a step up from A-Level in regards to the amount of reading expected from us. However, the reading is stimulating, unlike anything touched upon in school. A particular lecture that stuck with me was led by Dr. Victoria Bates, who used Google Docs during a lecture so that we could use our laptops to list typical characteristics of a Victorian man, versus a Victorian woman. Being able to interact with my year group in this way made me feel part of a really exciting community, and I am intrigued to see which other unique approaches our lecturers will take across this academic year. Also at the start of the year, I was petrified of seminars – as I am not the most outgoing person. However, my seminar tutors have made me feel at ease (without even knowing so), and I now find myself willingly contributing to group discussions and debates which is a big achievement for me.

And finally, thank you to the Arts and Social Sciences library for distributing blankets – writing an essay has never been so cosy.


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