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We are a month or so into term now and student life is in full swing!
It’s been a busy few weeks for me, having to balance lectures, assignments, editing for Epigram as well as Co-directing a full-length theatre production.
With the array of subjects I’m lucky to study with Liberal Arts, it’s fulfilling to counter this with a varied extra-curricular life; I find it makes me work more efficiently to ensure everything gets done and completed to its utmost potential.
I am covering a whole range of topics at University at the moment. I am majoring in English Literature, studying a module on Critical Writing in the Humanities and undertaking my mandatory numeracy module – so quite a variety!
One lecture, I will be whisked back to the 1300s studying the role of women in the times of Chaucer, then brought back again, looking at the significance of rhetoric in the modern and ancient day. Then that leaves just enough time to study how we use and abuse statistics in society. It’s a lot to get my head around, but I’m never bored with such a range of thoughts and ideas in my wake.
Whenever my timetable is filling to the brim, I always try and take some time for myself to go to the gym or meet a friend for coffee. The time we dedicate to relaxing, socialising and celebrating student life is as valuable as the time which we spend working hard at University.
Some great places to go when you want to clear your head (which I fully recommend) include the Downs, Brandon Hill and even just sitting by the Harbour-side!
It’s a very long term, especially with the anticipation of Christmas around the corner to greet us with endless cheer, mulled wine, markets and mince pies.
In the meantime, I’ve managed to sneak in a weekend at home during reading week.
I’ll miss my mum’s cooking, but I’m ready and roaring for the remainder of term to come my way.
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