A hectic Spring

The last few weeks have been somewhat hectic, down entirely to my own doing. I’m finding myself in the chronic habit of having ‘eyes bigger than my timetable’! In the last few weeks I’ve had an essay due, three shows to put on, one to write and of course all my reading! Whilst in the manic week of work I may be cursing myself for constantly accepting new projects, now that I’m out of the madness (for a time at least, I’ve got 2 more shows on next week!) I’m so glad I made the most of every opportunity. Fully submerging yourself in every element of uni from really exploring your own interests in your course to grabbing every chance to do extra stuff you love all makes for a full, complete feel to university.

And Bristol packs in the chances to do it, for me drama is a huge part of my life and there’s masses of chances to write, produce, direct and act. There’s also loads of really interesting extra talks that get run, I recently saw a talk from a man who is one of the last surviving ‘dam-busters’! Debates in death and suffering in religion and a talk from a clinical psychologist on the power of stress and how to use it, with approaching deadlines this was particularly handy. The only problem I’ve ever had is fitting it all in!

– Harriet


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