The start of a new year

Exam stress is finally over and we can all settle back into our normal routine. This year, I’m not going to lie, I really felt a step up in the amount of work necessary for the exams especially noticing the lack of effort into reading I had done for my course. So, to embrace this next term I have set a realistic goal to do all set reading for the lectures and seminars, and, when finding a particular subject interesting, to explore more into that topic with additional reading so that I will be prepared for my summer exams. With this step up in work ethic, it has honestly made me feel much happier and relaxed.

I have just signed for my house next year as well. I know it seems incredibly early, but it is really important to start thinking about who you are going to be living with, and where, as final year is very important! I’m living with ten of my closest girl friends next year, just off the triangle in Clifton. This is slightly nearer to the university, the gym and to pubs and take out. We decided these were all vital requirements – especially the food!

As stated earlier in my previous blog, I am part of the dance society. This year they are hosting a dance show called “Momentum” of which I will be performing in three dances in a couple of weeks. Although it’s a little bit scary it’s so great to be active within a society as you make so many great friends as well as being forced to leave your house and do something productive with your day.

– Evie


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