Third Year = Fear Year

As J.P puts it in Fresh Meat “Third year is fear year” and whilst he may be exaggerating slightly, pressure certainly has increased in my final year. Having had a great summer, with the high point being watching the man, the myth, the legend, Kanye West at Glastonbury, it was with some trepidation that I returned to Bristol for my final year of academic study. As I am living in the same house with the same group of friends it has felt more like a continuation from second year rather than a fresh start for third year. The preparation for my seminars and my dissertation has kept me amply busy. The two areas of history that I am currently working on right now are ‘Origins of the Old Regime’ which examines state formation in early modern Europe and ‘Pirates’ which as you can imagine looks at Pirates. I am also presently working upon my first essay of the term which explores the importance of iconoclasm in the Edwardian reformation. It has been a challenging and sometimes stressful experience, but hopefully my work rate has paid off. If you don’t hear anything about the essay in my next post just assume it didn’t. I have also begun work on my dissertation which in its current form is looking at the significance of ‘favouritism’ in the courts of Edward II and Richard II.

Outside my academic studies, I have once again become involved with the Bristol drama scene and am currently rehearsing for two separate short productions. Reviewing theatre, as well as being part of it, is something I have decided to try my hand at this year with my first ever review being of ‘The Crucible’ at the Bristol Old Vic for an online magazine called Inter:Mission. I am also still an active member of the Bristol Jazz orchestra, the Labour society, the sketch comedy society and a local church. Sadly it looks like I may have to tone down some of my extra-curricular activities this year as my degree does come first. It is the thing I’m at University for after all, although that is easy to forget sometimes. Third year will almost certainly pass in the blink of an eye, probably in approximately three blog posts, so it looks like I may have to start thinking about my post-university future, which I am still almost certainly in denial about. Life after University is a terrifying, but exciting, but terrifying prospect.

– Luke

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