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After a slow and not-too-warm summer, I returned to Bristol on September 1st. I knew that this final year would be a hectic one, what with being on two committees and with a dissertation and all, so I came back early (read: eager) to get some stuff done which would otherwise just take up time.

In hindsight it was a very smart move. Since term has begun it’s been deadline this, audition that, questioning whether or not this milk is okay to put in tea (I’ve in the last few minutes had to pour a cup out. I thought I could handle the sourness, but sometimes when it’s wrong it’s just too wrong, you know?) that kind of thing. Course-wise, everything has been great. For some reason, something had caught flames of passion in me, so that I now actually like reading. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it, but the journey towards that has started. I’m also doing a theatre unit, which is exciting.

If I were to recount everything I did over the last few months it would be an incredibly long and incredibly boring post, so I’ll give you one thing: I’ve discovered broccoli. I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on. Incredible veg.

– Jon


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