The End

The end of term came with a flurry of activity, end of exams, end of first year and beginning of summer. It was a week of the final ball, the final show and final goodbye to our little flat in University Hall which served us so beautifully. There was, clearly, an air of finality hanging over Bristol (I can’t imagine what it felt like for third years!). But it was also the beginning of summer, a long stretch of three months looming into view, drenched with incredibly optimistic sunshine and bringing on the winds the smell of suncream and soleros (endings can make a poet of us all!).

It also serves as a time to think about how first year has gone – namely how alarmingly fast it’s gone – and what second year shall hold. Personally I’ve had an amazing first year filled with new experiences and friends. And second year looks as if it’s going to be just as brilliant, I am a social secretary for one of the drama societies here called Spotlights which should be keep me pretty busy and have started my summer reading for the special subject next term. This is particularly exciting for me, I’m really looking forward to the chance to have more choice in what I study and my special subject American Literature 1945-2000 really affords that specialism in an area that interests me.

I’ve also got Edinburgh Fringe Festival to look forward for the whole of August, I’ve been lucky enough to get to take a show up there with a Bristol sketch comedy group called Revunions. It’s going to be a full on August but so much fun. This also means I shall be in Bristol rehearsing in my house for second year which is great since Bristol is a gorgeous place to be in summer. Whilst the next few months are looking pretty crammed with holidays and performances I’m thoroughly excited not just for them, but also for September when I get to come back to Bristol for second year. That is officially the first time ever I’ve been as excited for the beginning of term as I am for the beginning of summer!

– Harriet


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