Well, it’s over

Exams have been sat (they went okay, thanks for asking), moving plans – or non-moving plans for me – have been arranged, summer has been sorted. I’m not doing much. Doing some writing, going home for a bit, couple 21st birthdays here and there – I’m excited. I spent a lot of time holed-up in my room watching Arrested Development, so I’m hoping to spend a bit more time outside over the next few months. Not too much though, as I’m pretty fair skinned and get sunburn quite easily and that ain’t cute. I would ideally like to go abroad somewhere, just to experience some new things, meet some new people, that kind of stuff; at that minute that isn’t happening but a man can dream. There’s a couple of things to do in prep for next year – lots of exciting theatre to get sorted, big projects, little projects, usual deal.

Anyway, on that note I wish you a good summer – have fun!

– Jon


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