Missing it already …

Somehow my degree is over, and I still can’t quite believe it. My student card (and, unfortunately, my student discount) runs out in 7 days. Eek!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur what with the dissertation hand in, exams and celebrations. One of the exams was the terrifyingly named ’24 hour exam’, which I actually found a lot less pressurised than a normal 2 hour exam. After a few days of recovery we had a ball at Bristol Zoo with some of the lecturers, which was a great end to the year. Graduation in July marks the official end, which will be a weird mixture of exciting/ terrifying. Saying that, I’m considering applying to do further (history related) study, probably an MPhil, so maybe I don’t need to say goodbye to university life completely. This is slightly dependent on how well the exams and dissertation went, so fingers crossed for results day!

I am definitely hoping to stay in Bristol for the foreseeable future, as it really feels like home now. For me, the city is a great mix of a vibrant and exciting atmosphere which is easily walkable and very friendly.

Before I cement plans too much, I am actually off to Mexico tomorrow for a month with a Uni friend! I will be doing conservation work as a University volunteer with Operation Wallacea, spending 2 weeks camping in the rainforest near the Guatemalan border, and 2 weeks on the coast surveying coral and turtle populations. We’re then spending a few nights in New York on the way home. I’m very excited! One of the really great things about being at Uni is that it allows you the opportunity to travel and explore over the summer.

I will really miss being a history undergrad, and am so glad I came to Bristol.

– Alice


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