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Life after university is fast approaching and I feel that although I am ready to leave in many ways it is still pretty daunting to be finally leaving education after 17 years of school/ college/ university. I am very lucky to have a Graduate job secured for September (provided I get the required grades) which I am doing in Bristol, so I do not have any plans to leave the city I came to love during my degree. I will be working for a large professional services company doing audit, and gaining an accountancy qualification, which will be a pretty big departure from Religious Studies and Theology. Accountancy is not an uncommon next step from a humanities degree but I know a few friends who are less mathematically minded so are doing work in HR, teaching or are continuing on with a Masters, which sadly means we will all be living in different places in the country.

I am, at least compared to other people, not having the most exciting final summer of freedom. I am going on a couple of short(ish) holidays to Greece and Germany and then I plan to spend some time visiting my friends around the country and generally relaxing prior to starting full time work. I will also have to start house hunting at some point as I want to live with other professionals (to avoid the issue of council tax if I live with students) so I have that to look forward to.

I have had a great time at UoB and I am grateful for all the skills it has taught me as well as giving me the opportunities to become involved in university life. I feel it has left me reasonably well prepared for the next part of my life and I am especially thankful to the theology department who are genuinely brilliant and incredibly supportive.

– Katherine


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