Approaching the End

“My final year at Bristol University has been the most rewarding year of my life so far. The work has been harder, and I have been rather stressed at the prospect of getting a job post-graduation, and there was the constant worry of my dissertation. However, I have had an incredible time with being a student ambassador and, as you may know if you have seen me on open days, meeting prospective students of the university. I have also greatly enjoyed just making the most of Bristol as a student, as I will (probably) not have this much free time ever again.

Exam time itself was in some ways less overwhelming than in previous years as, due to my dissertation, I had fewer units to be examined come June. These exams (Neoplatonism, and Sex, Marriage and Deviance) were subjects I actually enjoyed revising, I managed to bring them up in conversation fairly regularly as it was relatively easy to make them relevant to any discussion I was having. This may have aided my revision (even if it made me somewhat of a conversational bore) and that meant I felt reasonably confident come the actual exams.

My proudest moment of the year was definitely finishing my dissertation. I do not know what mark it will get, as I have never written anything like it, but I was incredibly pleased to have completed it in and the topic I chose grew more and more interesting to me. It is quite bizarre that my time at university has ended and that never again will I be an undergraduate. I can confidently state that the time has flown by and it could honestly have been only last week when I was coming to university for the first time.

– Katherine


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