The End of An Era

Two weeks after my final exam, I am still finding it difficult to contemplate that I have finished my degree! However, I am also very excited about what the future (and, more immediately, the summer) has in store.

In my last blog, I was frantically finishing my dissertation which I now handed in over a month ago. While it was stressful at times, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of completing it; especially the initial research. I then turned my attention to my final exams which were nowhere near as stressful as I only had two! The first was a straight-forward, closed-book exam for my Victorian Sex and Sexuality module. However, the second was slightly different as it was a 24 hour exam; but it was nowhere near as scary as it sounds as it merely consisted of writing a piece of coursework in a day. To be honest, I actually preferred it to the normal exams! To celebrate the end of our degrees, the History Society put on a Graduation Ball at Bristol Zoo which was a great way to end my time at Bristol with my fellow course mates.

While I am very sad to be leaving Bristol University this year, I will remember my time here very fondly and I certainly feel like it has prepared me well for life after university. I am now looking forward to a relaxing summer before starting my History PGCE course in September.

– Rosanna


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