Bristol through (not so) new eyes

I’m nearing the start of my last term in first year and it is astonishing how quickly it’s flown by. The days are trickling away and the daunting prospect of second year approaches. In the last couple of weeks before Easter I had the chance to meet a few of you guys, the future Bristol students, at post-offer visit days and it made me remember how nervous I was when I first looked around the city. But it’s also given me a chance to see Bristol again through your eyes, eyes which saw it as a new, strange city, totally unfamiliar and crowded and somewhat overwhelming.

I hope that with the tours and copious coffee-based conversations you also got a chance to see Bristol through my eyes. It’s a city that’s transformed from being somewhere alien and new into a proper home, a home I’ve loved exploring and getting to know; a home full of friendly faces and awesome new discoveries; a home that still after six months continues to reveal new hidden away places and cubby holes in which to settle into with a coffee and your weekly reading list! It seems as if time almost works different here, it’s not just the adorable cobbled streets and occasional faun that makes Bristol Narnia-esque. Whilst time seems to whizz by, months flashing past in a trice, it still feels like Bristol is a second home, a place I’ve been in for years and know so well. So if anyone reading this came to an open day (or even if you didn’t!) and you do pick Bristol next year, my one piece of advice is to savour every moment of it and to take the time to explore this city and find your own place in it.

– Harriet


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