Nearing Easter

It is now nearing the end of term and things have thankfully slowed down. After a barrage of work, I have reached the top of whatever proverbial mountain I was climbing and feel good. 

Last week (that is March 12th) I had a piece of theatre produced at a place called The Yard – a lot of organisation, sweat and caffeine went into the production, and it was great to finally reap the rewards of about 5 months work (and also some money, which is always nice).

Another thing that has been happening has been the Post-Offer Visit Days, where applicants come and talk to and get talked at by various people, myself included. It’s really great to meet everyone, I thoroughly enjoy people and so the POVDs are a great way to fill that desire – hopefully that feeling is mutual.

Anyway, onwards to the holidays. I for one am going to find as little as possible to do. Maybe I’ll go swimming. Happy Easter to you all.

– Jon


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