My final year at Bristol

I am graduating in the summer so I expect that I will be working pretty hard this year. A large portion of my grade is down to a 12,000 word dissertation, which seems like a daunting task, due in at the end of April. Being in third year gives me a fair amount of choice about the units that I study, and complete free reign for my dissertation.

This teaching block I am looking at a 16th century theologian (Calvin) and Atheism. So in one lecture I study ardent, zealous belief and then I look at the philosophy of disbelief. Doing work, or not doing enough, for my dissertation has been a source of worry so far, as it is rather long and I have not quite decided on what I want to do. But a meeting with my supervisor was very helpful and gave me an excellent reading list to keep me occupied, and hopefully to finalise my topic.

I want to spend my final year doing some fun things, as well as work, as I intend to make the most of my remaining time in Bristol. This term I moved into new accommodation with my housemates who are friends I made in halls as a fresher. Luckily, they can all be relatively easily persuaded to come to the pub, or watch a film when I want to relax. I’m definitely going out less than I did in previous years, mostly due to the increased amount of work, but also due to my best friend, and partner in crime, leaving to go on a year abroad.

It is great coming back to Bristol knowing something about the city, although there is definitely a lot of exploring still to do, and I feel I have only visited a fraction of the things Bristol has to offer. The next thing I plan on doing is a Wills Tower tour, as Wills Memorial Building is the building most commonly associated with the Uni, and I feel I cannot leave here without knowing what the view is like from the top.

– Katherine


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