Happy Christmas

First term is over and I am not entirely sure where it went… Although lectures have finished, the majority of history students are still lingering in Bristol trying to make some good progress on dissertation research. Compared to the past two years of having a 24-hour exam just before the Christmas holidays, it is definitely a treat not having a deadline looming and having a relatively relaxing December work-wise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two units this year, and while I am not too eager to spend the holidays revising them for my January exams, I have genuinely enjoyed learning about them for the past term. My dissertation progress is going well; I’ve had a few meetings now with my tutor, as well as a group presentation where students doing similar dissertations discuss each other’s ideas and plans, which was so interesting to see what other people are doing, and was surprisingly helpful to have them comment on my progress.

Bristol in December is a huge highlight of the end of term. Park Street and Cabot Circus dressed up all Christmassy, and the brisk, chilly walks and runs around the Downs will be missed next year after I’ve graduated. Now that it has dawned on me that I’m graduating (very!) soon, attempting to do all the things I’ve wanted to over my time here but haven’t gotten around to doing. One major one was going to the deer parks in Ashton Court, which is my new favourite running route. Haven’t quite decided what I will tick off next…

I have a few shifts at my job this and next week and then I will be very excited to go home and not having the heating on for only 2 hours a day and have home-cooked food. Christmas isn’t a big thing in my family, but Chanukah and my birthday mean the winter holidays are still something I look forward to! I’ve also got days planned to search for archives for my dissertation, so that should be a nice break from revision I hope.

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