Happy Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, along with the end of term, and boy is it showing! Not just the huge amounts of beautiful lights up all over Bristol, the excess of knitted jumpers and the small but glorious tree bedecked in oversized baubles in the department common room. Oh no, there are other tell-tale signs that the festive holidays are approaching. Namely the fact everyone keeps sneezing. People are seeming just that little bit slower each day, there are a lot more coughs in lectures and everybody has that glimmer in their eye that a visit home is nearing. End-of- termy is a feeling everyone has had since the beginning of school in year 1 and it carries on into university. Only it’s slightly different at uni, there are a whole lot more things keeping you going. I mean I have eaten 4 roast dinners in the last 4 days for one thing. Not to mention the department are hosting a Christmas drinks with mince pies and a staff and student choir, what more could you wish for! Plus decorating a student house for Christmas is just the best, currently if you walk into our living room you need sunglasses for the quantity of tinsel and fairylights. I have two essays on at the moment and yet I’m still finding plenty of time for Christmas movies (would recommend ‘Nativity’ if you’re stuck for festive film choices!) and visiting the copious Christmas markets in Bristol. Of all the cities, Bristol really knows how to host Christmas. So whilst Christmas holidays are very welcome and a much needed break, it’s remarkable how much energy huge quantities of stuffing and cheese can give you to keep going through the last few days and round of the first term of third year with – well maybe not with a bang – but certainly a satisfied “pop.”

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