Bristol – the return

I’m finally back, yay! After a very long summer of being away, I can honestly say I was overjoyed to be returning. The prospects of living in a new house with eight of my best friends seemed like a dream. Luckily I was able to move all my things over in the summer which saved a lot of hassle. Despite the responsible adult jobs we now have to do, such as bins, recycling, and house chores, everything seems to be going very well (touch wood)! The one thing I can advise is to not go for a massive house with big, huge rooms as it gets VERY cold. As my housemates are slight meanies we haven’t yet turned the heating on so I have to sleep in a woollen hat and socks, brrrr!

Course life is also very busy at the moment. This term I’m taking a module in Philosophy of Religion with David Leech, Religion and Material culture with Rita Langer and The Business of the Humanities (which is amazing). We have already been set two essays so I’m spending a lot of my time in the library, but the reading is honestly really interesting and I’m getting a lot of support. You can definitely feel the step up from first to second year, which to begin with was a little daunting, but now that I have a routine it all seems to be fitting into place nicely and I’m actually doing lots of productive work, Whoopie! If you want to do something a little different in your first year but didn’t have the opportunity/courage, I can’t advise you enough to try it this year. I decided I wanted to go slightly out of my comfort zone and take The Business of the Humanities, as I’ve always been interested in the topic but never had the opportunity to do anything about it. We have to design a really cool business plan for St George’s, which needs to inspire and draw in students or ethnic minorities. We are thinking of something to do with a community café, which would involve authentic cooking or to develop the space into another relaxing place that students can use to revise/work/hold society events. Then, at the end of the first term, we pitch our idea to the people who run/organize the events at St. Georges itself. Its so much fun to do something topical to your chosen subject but different by means of thinking, work and assessment method.

And finally, I wanted to add, its Halloween! It seems to be a very big celebration at university so I’ve got lots of things planned such as going to watch the Adams family in a cemetery, a Halloween pub quiz special and of course and party. All I need to do now is find all my dressing up outfits.

– Evie


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