Staring out in Bristol

Having moved from my hometown of Milton Keynes, where the most exciting thing about the place is the number of roundabouts, Bristol has amazed me by offering so much to do. Granted, one of these events was an extremely slow and out-of-sync crane ‘dance’; but I’m thrilled that such events even exist! How many towns can say they host a crane dance to bhangra music? I doubt it’s many. Bristol definitely earns bragging-rights for its wealth of choice. From the many cafes and street-food stalls to a wild club night, there is something for every mood. And Bristol does all this, whilst looking so good! I love the Harbourside, Clifton is so pretty and there are plenty of green spaces. I have to admit that I still get a kick out of how impressive the Wills Memorial building looks on my daily walk up Park Street, although I can’t say I enjoy the hill.

I now feel very at home in Bristol. After the first few weeks of navigating my flat, the dynamics of cooking for myself and wondering how so much washing-up can be created in one day, I am definitely settled and looking forward to my time here. As for the actual reason I’m here- the course! After an essay-free gap year, I found the thought of writing my first undergraduate-level essay extremely daunting. But I signed up to do English, so I knew it would spring up on me sooner or later! Now that my essay is submitted, and the more despairing moments from that first deadline have faded from memory, I can say that I enjoyed the chance to choose my own subject and interest. I’m excited for the rest of my course and to see what these three years at the University of Bristol are going to hold for me!

– Georgia


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