Nearing the end!

This term has been jam-packed with goings on. I have been helping at all of the post offer visit days (as one of the smiling people in the fetching red t-shirts.) I always really enjoy the opportunity to talk about the course, the Uni and the city. It’s great to meet so many potential history students, who all seem to have such diverse interests within the field.

In other news, spring has finally arrived in Bristol. The city really does look lush (to use a good Bristolian term) in the sun. Although it’s lovely to be able to step outside and not want to immediately run back in again, spring does mean one unfortunate thing… dissertation time! Saying that, as I have now finished the research process, I can reflect positively on the experience. It has actually been really enjoyable to be able to concentrate on something that no one has done before. People still give me the strangest looks when I mention that, not only is my dissertation engaging with environmental history, but it’s actually about a cemetery. A family member asked why I wasn’t just looking at something ‘normal’ like the Tudors. This goes to show how Bristol give you completely free rein to tackle a topic of your choice, however strange other people may think it is.

Once the dissertation is handed in, the finishing line will be in sight. This is a bit of a double-edged sword really as, whilst it will be nice to not have to worry about exams and coursework deadlines, I will definitely miss being a history student. I handed in my final Uni essay a few weeks ago, which felt like a bit of a momentous occasion. The essay was on prostitution in India, and It was interesting to be able to explore a topic I knew very little about to begin with.

Outside of Uni life, I’ve been enjoying my volunteering work with the charity ‘Into University’, which I’ve been doing for over a year now. The Uni has connections with many different charities and voluntary schemes throughout the city, and it’s a really great thing to do in your spare time. Each week I help to tutor students from disadvantaged backgrounds, which is both rewarding and fun.

I hope to see some of you at the upcoming open days!

– Alice

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