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The University has finally returned to its usual bustling state, as students are looking towards the new term. The streets have felt a bit empty for the last few weeks, as most students take advantage of home cooking/ washing for as long as they can. Saying that, it’s not as if we’ve really been on holiday for a month, as many subjects (like mine!) have had modular January exams.

I have actually been back in Bristol for a month or so, as I decided I needed to get first dibs on the library for revision. I had an impressive hoard of books slowly taking over my desk for a few weeks. One of the best things about finishing exams, as well as being able to relax and head to the pub (I mean focus upon my dissertation), is the satisfying feeling of returning a huge pile of library books in one go.

I much prefer Uni exams to A level exams, as you are rewarded for thinking creatively and doing your own research. You can also pick the topics that you want to focus upon. Again, unlike A levels where you are waiting for what feels like forever for results, the Uni thankfully aims to return them to you within a 3-4 week period.

We are in the middle of a reading week at the moment, which is a time to start preparing for the term ahead. I am doing a module on ‘Victorian Sex and Sexuality’ this term, regarding whether the Victorians were ‘repressed’ or ‘risqué’, which sounds like fun. I am also doing a Reflective History unit called ‘Bringing History (and Historians) down to Earth’ which is an Environmental History module. I won’t rabbit on again about how great Environmental History is, but any History applicants out there should definitely consider taking a module if you come to Bristol. It makes you see History in a completely different light.

Finally, I found out my graduation date today which is an odd mixture of really exciting and really scary. Three years seems so long when you start, but (to use a massive cliché) it really does fly by.

– Alice


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