Looking Ahead to Spring

Having finished my exams, I am now starting to look ahead to the new teaching block and I am looking forward to starting my new modules. This term I am taking modules called Victorian Sex and Sexuality and Filming the Past, which looks into how history is represented in film. Both of these sound really interesting and it is always nice to start looking at new content after completing exams! I am also starting to think more about my dissertation as I now only have three months left to complete it. I am hoping that I will finish the research stage in the next few weeks so that I can start to think about planning it.

This is also the time of year when you begin to look forward to what you will be doing next year. I have now been offered a place on a teacher training course and so I am now starting to think again about where I am going to live. Despite all of this, I also think it is important after an exam period to have a bit of a break and to enjoy everything which the city of Bristol has to offer!

– Rosanna


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