When Spring comes to Bristol, everyone’s mood lifts and daffodils are just about everywhere where there’s soil for them to grow! Bristol is such a beautiful city in spring, and I try to spend as much time outside appreciating the views as possible! I’m in Goldney Hall at the moment, and the view from my bedroom window out over the whole city below is amazing all the time, but particularly when there’s sun too! The Clifton suspension bridge, Ashton Court and College Green are all areas where you’re bound to find students sitting out on the grass when spring comes! The great thing about spring in Bristol is that so many of the post-offer visit days for the university happen around this time! Thankfully, because the sun is usually out, we can show off our beautiful city in the best light possible! I remember coming to an open day around this time last year and being so drawn to Bristol not only because of everything the university itself offers, but also the thought of spending the next three years in such a picturesque place with countless beautiful views to go and appreciate when you need a break from working!


In terms of academics, for the arts students, spring brings with it the time to choose next year’s units which is always exciting. There has been such a wide variety of unit choices for me this year, and the unit fairs where you can ask any questions to the unit tutors are also really helpful! Trying to broaden my horizons, I’ve put a unit on Aztecs and Incas as my first choice for the second-year Special Field, which will involve writing a 5,000 word essay. I’ll find out which units I have been given in May, so fingers crossed for that! Although undoubtedly the weather can still be a little temperamental in March, as the days go by, we get closer and closer to summer and the time when we can afford not to wear jumpers to our seminars and lectures, and sunglasses can become more of a permanent feature of our daily attire!


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