Almost halfway through spring term

So we are almost halfway through the second term of third year and things are somewhat piling up. Having been involved in a high-commitment production called ‘5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche’ (and yes it was as crazy as it sounds!) work did take something of a back seat for the week the show was. But that’s the refreshing thing about university level study, because it’s entirely independent taking the time off for things that you are really passionate about is feasible because you can plan your independent study around them. Making sure you get reading done in advance and planning for a week of pure, solid 9-5 in the week after means you can give yourself entirely to a project that really matters to you. And that’s what’s most important in third year. Because it makes you realise that actually uni has given you tools beyond knowing the progression of Romantic conventions throughout the 18 th century and the grammar of Auld English from the 1100s! It’s taught me how to structure my time, choose things to prioritise and juggle running a society, working part-time, being involved in shows as a director and performer and of course getting my reading and essays done in time! This term has really reminded me of the importance of the skill of juggling! At this rate I can join a circus within a year! With the end feeling near I’ve taken to piling on as many extra things as possible. This has included co-directing an Edinburgh Fringe festival production, performing in a show, writing some short theatre pieces, volunteering with three different charities and devoting much of my time to my dissertation which has been really interesting! So never think that the more you progress through uni the less you end up doing on the side. It’s definitely not the case, if anything the further into university you go the better your juggling becomes and the more you can manage.

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