New year, new term!

Being an essay-heavy Liberal Arts student, I was somewhat lucky enough to escape the examination hell-stretch of the January period. However, with that, I still had to endure the completion of a few hefty assignments before I made it into 2017 home and dry. In comparison to my time at secondary school, assignments in a University context require a much finer attention to detail both in the structure of an essay as well as its content. You learn the tropes of academic presentation which is incredibly precise. However, it is refreshing to get lost in the topic on which you are writing, delving further than you ever would have gone in a school environment. It is intellectually invigorating to jump from discipline to discipline within Liberal Arts, meaning that I can identify links between my subjects, though sometimes there are discrepancies between how the different departments like their work presented, meaning that I have to pay even closer attention! In the term ahead, I will be studying English Literature, Theatre Studies and History which are my three favourite subjects of the Arts; as long as I get through this period well rested and raring to go, I think a really exciting term lies ahead…


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