Back After Easter

After the Easter holidays, I greeted my return to Bristol with open arms (and a bag full of uneaten Easter eggs). This last term of first year has arrived extraordinarily quickly, leaving me and my friends wondering, where has the time has gone? I’d like to be able to claim that it has all been spent working hard, however this would be an appalling lie… While I have been keeping on top of lectures, seminars and the pending deadline of a 4,000-word essay, I do think it is essential to stress importance of exploring beyond the realms of your lecture theatre. Joining societies is a great way to meet people with similar interests. Just as an example, I am currently part of the History of Art Society, PhotoSoc, Fine Art Society, Fashion Federation and Combat Karate. Each society you join offers a new group of passionate people to meet, as well as a way of sharing something you enjoy with other people; and this is the time of year when societies are beginning to elect new committee members for next year!

By this time, it is also likely that most subjects have chosen units for next year – something I have been looking forward to choosing for a while. In the knowledge that I only have three weeks left of lectures, the prospect of being able to look forward to more next year is comforting. After much discussion with other members of my course, I chose my units with confidence; Sculpture and the Body, Architecture and Urbanism and Paris. It is fascinating to hear other people’s choices and to see individual interests developing from as early as first year. Although my first year in Bristol has been the most exciting time of my life so far, I am even more enthusiastic to see what next year had to offer.

– Ellie


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