This New Year

This new year started off quite differently to last, rather than frantically making superhero badges for themed club events, and trying to guess who the next person to turn up in the flat would be, I arrived to my flat at Bristol, and felt at home. I spent most of fresher’s week unapologetically doing what I enjoyed, which is avoiding staying up late and exploring the alternative fresher’s activities the uni has to offer. I went to comedy shows; Ted preview talks and explored the coffee shops. After a fantastic fresher’s week, culminating in the fresher’s fair and me walking out with as many freebies that I could lay my hands on, I was very ready to start the academic year.

Second year work brings a lot of challenges, but it’s worth every second. From learning about Nietzsche to why exactly everyone is naked in Greek art, the last month or so has stretched my understanding of Classics, and how we look at it, and I love that. The pressure of knowing my work goes towards my final grade has driven me out of working in my bedroom, (with the distraction of the internet), to the study spaces in Woodland Road. The study areas are great, and not just because, unlike my flat, they’re lovely and warm, but also because they set me in the right mood for working.

When I’m not working I’ve tried to throw myself into societies, and became the education Officer for Pottery society. This was a bit of a surprise to me when I got the post, having not tried to make any pottery since my year six project, but societies cater for all abilities, and the committee has been incredibly welcoming. So far my best achievement has been a coaster, and although my family was less than impressed when I showed them, I’m quite proud of my circle of clay.
The new year has also brought a new area of Bristol. Last year I was in Waverly (down by Thekla) and it was incredibly convenient, and afforded such great sights as the St Mary Redcliffe Church (which I could see from my window) and the SS Great Britain. This year I’m on the other side of uni and living in Clifton, where I get the less romantic, but far more practical, view of the Student Union. Exploring Clifton Village, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge has been wonderful, and I’ve also been exploring the student union, which sounds less fun, but continues to surprise me when I walk up one too many flights of stairs and turn up in a study room I never new existed, or at the front desk of the Student Union offices. The Union also contains a cafe/bar, which is such a chill place during the day and great venue at night, and is well worth popping into for a smoothie or a pint.

– Holly


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