A return to abnormality

It was a bittersweet return to Bristol after Christmas; A very joyous reunion with my friends was had, then we quickly rushed off to our respective rooms to continue the arduous process of revision.

The exams went decent and it was with much excitement that I engaged once again with Bristol life. I have been to two very memorable events in the Student’s Union so far this term. Firstly “Explore ‘16”– a festival of culture in the Student’s Union featuring Brazilian martial arts, Mauritian food and Bollywood dancing, amongst others-was really good fun and made me realise the diversity of the University. Secondly a talk by George ‘Jonny’ Johnson- the 96 year old last surviving member of the ‘Dam busters’-was an incredible experience for me as an Historian in being transported to the past by one of its active participants. Jonny’s challenge to ‘retrospective Historians’, who question the importance of the run struck me particularly.

This term I am studying Revolution in 17th century England as A special topic alongside an Early Modern History module. I find the two hour format set up of the special topic to be very useful in provoking discussion, debate and share of ideas amongst students. I am becoming increasingly interested in the Stuart period, which I touched on at school, through the special topic and an essay on the execution of Charles I which I am taking as part of the Early Modern module.

– Adam


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