One Third Gone

First year went by far too quickly. I blinked and it was over. Now I am one third of the way through my undergraduate career, a fact I am simultaneously proud and scared of. I am pretty sure that this term has been somewhat successful on the whole. I say that tentatively because I don’t actually yet know if I’ve passed the year or not. Fingers crossed for that. At least I survived the exam period without spending too much time in the ASS, and I celebrated afterwards by having some much-needed downtime in my last few weeks of staying in halls with friends, ending with supporting the Hornstars at JFStival hosted by the Jazz Funk and Soul society. Did not notice the pun until now.

I am now married to another Classicist, and we are expecting children in October (subject children, not actual children). I can’t tell you how excited I am for next year. Having been elected to the post of Project Researcher for BVDA (Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad) I am looking at expanding our charitable base to work with AROH – a grass roots NGO based in Northern India. Hopefully I am going to be able to form a project proposal in time to send out volunteers on a trial basis next Summer. Over the summer holidays I’m also going to be unplugging for a while in Salcombe, Devon. I know I’ve had it relatively easy this year, but I still need to recharge my batteries. Then I’m off to Budapest for the Sziget festival and after that I’ll be moving back to Bristol, this time without catered meals. Fire extinguishers at the ready comrades, see you for round two.



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