Returning for my third year

Returning to Bristol for my third and final year is a bittersweet experience. I love Bristol and I am excited to be back but the fact that this is my last year studying here is pretty sad. What’s most upsetting is how fast it’s all gone! I feel like I’ve only just found my footing in Bristol and it feels like yesterday when I moved into Churchill Hall. As my university career speeds by, I’ve taken it upon myself to grasp third year by the horns and do as much as possible. There are so many opportunities in Bristol, university ones and otherwise, and I want to feel like I’ve made the most of my time here.

Weirdly, I’ve decided to cram my final year with societies despite my workload. I’m on the committee for Classics and Ancient History Society and Pottery Society, as well as an Online Editor for Epigram’s Wellbeing section. Also, I’ve signed up for weekly BSL lessons with Sign Language Society as it is something I’ve always wanted to learn. Understandably, organising everything is a bit chaotic! I’ve had to make my schedule stricter than it was in my first two years as to fit everything in. However, it has been really enjoyable to be so involved in the many societies that the University of Bristol has to offer.

Also, excitingly, this year I have the chance to explore a new area in Bristol. For third year I am living in Redland, the student area of Bristol. I’m living with six other people so our house is massive! Most exciting about it all is the garden, something we didn’t have last year as we were in a flat, and I am looking forward to barbeques in the summer. As I lived in Clifton last year, I had never really explored Redland before but, already, I can tell it has lots to offer such as shops like the Wild Oats Natural Foods shop and the Rare Butchers of Redland. They’re both wonderful independent shops which I would highly recommend if you feel like treating yourself.

If I had one piece of advice to first years, it would be to get involved in activities outside of your studies. Try new things, don’t be afraid to give anything a go! For some strange reason, I’ve decided my final and busiest year is the time to take on a whole new set of hobbies and responsibilities. Perhaps unwise but, hey, meeting new people and learning new skills is always a fun break from essay writing!


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